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Understanding Streaming Media


These tutorials and resources will help you better understand what streaming is and how it works.


1. Streaming: Why it's Cool
Streaming: Why it's Cool

Explains what streaming is and its potential for integrating media content into web sites. (Time 3:58)

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2. How Streaming Works
How Streaming Works

Explains in a simple non-technical way how streaming media on the web actually happens. (Text only)

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3. Types of Content for Streaming
Types of Content for Streaming

Describes different types of media content you can stream (audio, video, slide shows, etc) as well as advantages and disadvantages of each. (Time 4:48) 

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4. Streaming Technologies
Streaming Technologies

Looks at four major streaming technologies and how they impact you as a content provider. (Time 5:30)

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5. Acquiring & Digitizing Media
Acquiring & Digitizing Media

Explains what's involved in acquiring and digitizing media content for streaming. (Time 5:07)

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6. Bandwidth Basics
Bandwidth Basics

Explains the concept of bandwidth and how it relates to quality of streamed audio and video content. (Time 5:10)

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7. Compression & Encoding
Compression & Encoding

Explains how the process of compression and encoding makes media files streamable on the internet. (Time 5:10)

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8. Using Streaming Servers
Using Streaming Servers

Explains the function of streaming servers and how you use them as a content provider. (Time 4:32)

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9. Streaming Live Events
Live Streaming

A look at what is involved in the production and delivery of a live internet streaming event. (Time 15:34)

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10. Instructional Design Strategies
Instructional Design Strategies

Instructional design strategies to help you think about and use streaming media more effectively in your teaching. (Time 16:00)

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For comments or feedback about these tutorials contact Les Howles.

Streaming Comparisions

Scale comparing mediaCompare media clips using different bandwidths and streaming technologies.


Streaming Media Webinar Archive

Streaming Webinar iconView presentations from our March 10th, 2005 streaming webinar featuring UW-Madison experts.


Streaming VS Progressive Downloading

An interview with Peter Burke.





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