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Gyuto Monks

Gyuto MonksLearning Objective: This audio clip is of traditional Buddhist chanting rituals and texts.

In lectures students will be exposed to audio-visual materials that introduce certain Buddhist practices. An adequate understanding of these practices requires repeated viewing and listening as to recognize key audio and visual cues. Hence, streaming media on the web allows students an ideal way to view the materials in a manner that will enable such understanding.





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John Dunne


Languages & Cultures of Asia
Course Title LCA/EAsian/RelStud 364 "Introduction to Buddhism"
Pedagogical Considerations

Professor Dunne wants to try to immerse students into the Buddhist world. It's helpful to have some of the sounds and sights that Buddhists hear and see. Using Streaming Media allows students to listen to the entire chant, rather than just a short clip of it during a lecture. They can go back and listen at their own leisure. It also gives them a sense of what it's like to be in a place where Buddhist ritual is being done.

Accessibility Accommodations

Since this is an audio track...

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