Here are some tips, tutorials, and software recommendations to help you produce streaming audio.

Recording Audio
Dan LaValley of Learning Technology & Distance Education gives an in-depth tutorial on recording quality audio.
Audio Editing with Sound Forge
Dan LaValley of Learning Technology & Distance Education gives an in-depth tutorial on editing audio using Sound Forge.
Streaming Media World
Tutorials on creating quality streaming audio, editing audio for streaming, and more
Manifest Technology
Dozens of articles on streaming media, streaming media tools, formats and players
Real Media
Get Real Player


Streaming Audio Creation Guide
Learn about RealAudio, and get pointers on how to prepare and encode your sound files for streaming.
Windows Media
Get Windows Media Player
Windows Media 9 Series Audio Codecs
Learn about the new Windows Media Audio 9 series codecs for audio content, and watch audio quality demos.
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This site provides resources & information for web developers wishing to integrate QuickTime and MPEG-4 rich media.
QuickTime Tools & Tips
Find tutorials, service providers, and other resources to help you beter use and develop with QuickTime.
Macromedia Flash
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Flash Audio Tutorials
Several tutorials on using Flash for creating streaming audio.


Learn about popular Encoding software. By clicking on the following links you will find more information, on-line tutorials, and links to download and/or buy the software.


The software listed below is categorized based on the streaming video format.

Sony Soundforge 7.0 SoundForge 7.0
An industry-standard application that includes a powerful set of audio processes, tools, and effects for recording and manipulating audio.
Get Real Player Peak 4
Specifically made for the Macintosh, Peak is a popular audio editing, processing, and mastering application.
Real Media
Get Real Player RealProducer 10
RealProducer converts live feeds or existing media into realAudio & realVideo files ready for the internet. Download RealProducer 10 Basic for free, or purchase RealProducer 10.
Cleaner 5: Real System Edition Cleaner 5: RSE
Cleaner 5: RealSystem Edition makes it possible to optimize your media quality and streamline your encoding workflow.
Windows Media
Get Windows Media Player Windows Media Encoder 9 Series
A powerful tool for those who want to take advantage of WM 9 series multichannel sound, high-definition video quality, and more.
QuickTime logo QuickTime Pro
Provides enhanced playback, simple editing, basic effects, and import/export of many types of media.
Macromedia Flash
Get Real Player Macromedia Flash MX 2004
Deliver high-quality video with new professional video capabilities.

Click here to get advice on how to select the best microphone for producing quality web-based audio.