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MAGpie is captioning software that enables University of Wisconsin staff to address accessibility policy. MAGpie creates files that can be payed back as captions in the three major online video players: QuickTime, Windows Media, and Real. MAGpie is a free tool available for download from the National Center for Accessible Media’s website.

Before you download and install the program, you will need to prepare your system and follow a strict set of guidelines to ensure compatibility (this applies to Windows users only).

Steps in the captioning process:

  1. System Preparation - required for windows users
  2. Download and Install MAGpie
  3. Create transcript
  4. Import transcript into MAGpie
  5. Add timecode and Export
  6. Combine caption files with the three major formats: QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media

At the end of this tutorial you will be able to produce a captioned video in all three major formats, and it will look something like this:

Captioned QuickTime

Captioned Windows Media

Captioned Real Media Player


Magpie Tutorial


1. System Prep

2 .Download & Install

3. Creating Transcript

4. Importing to MAGpie

5. Timecode & Exporting

6. Captioning with QuickTime

7. Captioning with RealMedia

8. Captioning with Windows Media

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